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At Indigo, we are invested in building relationships that endure with asset holding families looking to continue their legacy on behalf of an incoming generation. We embrace and understand family values, and then earn trust and strengthen portfolio performance through intuitive and insightful application of our skills.

By cultivating select clients who seek experienced asset managers and also require an unparalleled level of personalized attention, we offer a rare combination of engagement, enthusiasm, and insight.


Our vision is to enhance, protect, and operate our portfolio assets with efficiency and exceptional quality, ensuring our select group of clients can achieve their ambitions and protect what matters.

We pride ourselves in embodying the discerning, vibrant, and treasured traits of our signature color – indigo. A trusted, separate entity to securing real estate portfolios through generational transition, we take a modern, innovative approach to protecting not only your assets, but your legacy.


Beginning in 2014, our team provided exclusive support to Weissberg Investment Corp (WIC) in the operations of its real estate investment portfolio. Recognizing the opportunity to continue to successfully support WIC, as well as develop new, trusted partnerships with select private investors, Indigo Asset Services was launched as an independent asset management firm in 2017.

We are committed to continual improvement – utilizing our strong industry network, researching and employing best practices, engaging in ongoing training, and maximizing workplace efficiencies – to deliver industry leading, perfectly tailored services to private investors.


Indigo Asset Services delivers finance and accounting, leasing oversight, property operations, project management, value enhancement, and other offerings. Our industry experience, exceptional work quality, and keen ability to understand clients' needs and expectations results in a rare combination of service, enthusiasm, and insight.


Under the leadership of Suzette J. Timme, our experienced and proven management team works to enhance value and maintain stability of real estate. Our successful record in managing complex commercial real estate portfolios and our flexibility and focus on close client relationships ensures that we become an invaluable, trusted partner, securing investments for generations to come.

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We look forward to helping secure your most important assets for generations to come. If you would like to partner with us, please reach us at, 571.267.2600, or complete the form below.

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